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In Her Words

I’ve always seen the world at a bit of slant, and I think that makes me a good real estate agent. I don’t just take things as they come; I ask a lot of questions and listen hard to the answers. I offer an experienced eye and frank evaluations. My style is open and honest, and I like to have a good time along the way. (Must be the Irish in me.)

An Exciting Business
After three decades in this business, I’ve seen it all and helped clients through every conceivable situation. My clients are diverse, and I like that. I work with sophisticated, experienced purchasers, corporate transferees, first-time buyers, investors and rehabbers.

I consider myself lucky to be able to say that the job is still fun for me after all these years. It’s a constant challenge to stay fresh – markets change and so does technology. To stay on top, you have to keep reinventing yourself, and I find that exciting.

Service, Service, Service
One thing that doesn’t change is my commitment to making a real difference for my clients. I’m all about service, and to me that means saving my clients time and making the most of their money. Buyers can count on me to show them exactly what they want, and sellers can count on me to price their property appropriately and market it aggressively.

Service also means working beyond the closing to help clients find exactly what they need, be it designer, plumber, doctor, housekeeper or computer expert. They don’t have to interview my referrals – any service provider I recommend comes with my personal seal of approval.

When I work with a buyer or seller, it’s important that those smiles are real at the closing table. I never assume anything. It’s all about trust, which must be earned every time. My clients tend come back again and again, which tells me I’m doing things right.

Read what buyer clients and seller clients have to say about working with me. When you’re ready to get started, contact me.